Implant-supported Dentures

Overdentures are removable dentures that seat over two or more dental implants. Typically two ordinary implants are used in the lower jaw, and four in the upper jaw.

The implants are usually either provided with ‘stud’ attachments, or connected with a bar. The studs or bar allow the denture to be ‘clipped’ into place on the implants, improving support.

A titanium bar fitted to the implants with a removable ‘clip-on’ overdenture

This is a less costly option than fixed bridgework, but also less effective. Many patients who have been provided with removable overdentures eventually upgrade to fixed bridgework.

We also occasionally use ‘mini’ – implants to help support a denture, but usually only as a temporary measure, as these are fragile and unreliable in the long-term.


Xray showing mini implants
Xray showing mini implants