Teeth in an Hour

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Teeth-in-an-hour is the name given by Nobel Biocare, perhaps the best-known dental implant manufacturer, for a technique that uses guided surgery and special implant components to enable the implants to be placed using a minimally invasive technique, and definitive or ‘final’ titanium / resin bridgework to be fitted on the day of surgery – typically within an hour of treatment.

We have refined this treatment to a point where we are often able to provide beautiful bridgework in two jaws, within 30 minutes of starting surgery. Treatment is minimally invasive; there is little discomfort or swelling or bruising, and because the bridgework has been pre-made, the patient is able to go home immediately surgery has been completed.

The technique relies heavily on very sophisticated imaging and planning techniques, which means that extensive work is carried out on computers and in the dental laboratory, before the surgery takes place. High precision surgery takes place using standard titanium implant components.